30 SSU Students Accepted to Study Away through National Student Exchange!

International Services, (soon to be the Center of International Education,) is happy to announce that this was a big year for National Student Exchange at Sonoma State University with an all time high of sending as well as receiving students on exchange. If you are not familiar with the National Student Exchange (NSE) program, NSE is a domestic exchange consortium with over 200 universities in the United States, as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and Canada. Almost 2000 students from these 200 campuses applied to participate in NSE  this year.


The group of SSU students who applied to the NSE program this year were so great, that all 30 who applied to study away during the 2014-15 academic year were accepted into NSE, and 27 of those students were accepted to their first choice! SSU students will be heading out to University of Washington, University of Hawaii – Manoa, University of Georgia, West Virginia University, and many more!

Within the National Student Exchange program, SSU also participates in NSE Study Abroad, where students apply to study abroad programs of schools participating in National Student Exchange. Through this program more than 10 students will be studying abroad during the next academic year to locations all over the world! Some of these locations are Germany, Australia, Japan, Costa Rica, and more!

International Services is also happy to welcome the 23 students who will be on exchange at SSU during this academic year! Over 100 students indicated Sonoma State University on their NSE application, with these 23 being accepted from locations such as, Maine, Georgia, Minnesota, Hawaii, Texas,Guam, and Canada! These students will be studying at SSU during the fall and/or spring of next year to take classes in business, biology, art, psychology, communications, general education courses as well as other major courses.

Do you or someone you know want to apply to National Student Exchange for next year? It’s not too late! Many locations will still accept late applications with a final deadline of April 1st! (The deadline to apply for Spring 2015 only is October 1st.) If you are interested in applying to NSE or NSE Study Abroad, visit the International Services office in Salazar 1070, check our information page, and ‘Like’ our Facebook pages!

SSU National Student Exchange:
International Services:
International Education Exchange Council (IEEC):


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