New Year, New Students!

The Center for International Education would like to welcome all of the new international and NSE students to Sonoma State University! It is going to be a great year and we are all very excited for what is to come for the 2014-2015 school year!


New Ambassador Program1

The Center for International Education has started up a new program for our international and NSE students and alumni. The Center for International Education Student Ambassador Program consists of 15 ambassadors who volunteer hours in CIE,  helping with events, talking with classrooms, etc. The IRA and student fee funded program helps build professional skills for the ambassadors that will be beneficial for their future jobs. It also lets the ambassadors engage with other study abroad and NSE alumni, as well as the international and NSE students who are new to SSU.

Faculty, Lead Ambassadors, Ambassador Committee Chairs, and Student Ambassadors page will be coming soon!

 Fall 2014 New International and NSE Student Orientation orientation1

 CIE held the Fall 2014 New International and NSE Student Orientation. 37 international students  from countries such as Germany, France and Jordan  and 13 NSE students from states like Wisconsin and Montana participated activities like informational meetings about the Sonoma State  University community, tours around the campus, a scavenger hunt and lunch at the different food services on the SSU campus.

CIE student ambassadors also got the chance to mingle with the new students and help them with any questions or problems they had. The orientation was a big success!IMG_2369


 Welcome Reception

On Thursday, August 28th, CIE is holding its Welcome Reception. Invited to the reception are faculty, the new international and NSE students, as well as, our study abroad and NSE alumni. Snacks and drinks will be provided! There will also be a photo contest at the event. Our study abroad and NSE alumni have sent in their favorite pictures of their year away and the top ten will be voted on at the Reception. Winning photo will be posted next week!


More Information

If you are interested in studying abroad in another country, another state, volunteering in places around the world, or interning abroad, come by the Center for International Education and find out more information. We have informational meeting throughout the coming weeks and sign up sheets are in the office. Come talk with one of our ambassadors in the International Hall.

Informational Meetings: Mondays at 11 am, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3 pm, Thursdays at 10 am.




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