16 Reasons Sonoma State University Is The Coolest Place To Go To College

1) Sonoma County = Wine Country. Need we say more?

Buena Vista vines - Los Carneros - Sonoma County Vintners


2) The Residence Halls are amazing!

Not only do the residence halls offer tons of different options, including traditional dorms, apartment-style, and townhome housing, but they’re also named after different types of…grapes!

fp_sauvignon_lg home_banner


3) KSUN radio!

KSUN radio, SSU’s radio station, is 100% student run and operated. It’s also online, which means it’s exempt from FCC regulations that normally prevent students from having full control over their shows. Check it out at ksunradio.com!



4) A true commitment to sustainability

Love nature? SSU’s commitment to sustainability runs deep – we’ve won numerous national awards for our sustainable practices, and we own over 4,000 acres of wilderness for students to study sustainability. There’s also the Environmental Technology Center, a “building that teaches,” which houses a wide range of sustainable building techniques and design features that minimize energy use, consuming less than 50% of the energy allowed by state code for similar buildings. The “Green Building” features include: passive solar heating and cooling, daylighting, advanced window systems, “smart building” control technologies, photovoltaics, and energy and water-efficient landscaping!

SSU’s Environmental Technology Center, home to university courses, professional seminars, and tours for the general public
The 3,670-acre Galbreath Wildlands Preserve is in southern Mendocino County in the Outer Coast Range. 17 miles from the coast, woodland, forest and grassland communities lie at the edge of coastal fog influence.


5) One of California’s most beautiful campuses!

Not to mention the campus itself includes 269 acres of beautiful Northern California landscaping, and is home to 200 varieties of 10,000 trees. It’s no surprise that SSU was ranked 25th most beautiful college by CollegesInCalifornia.com!



6) Championship athletics and school spirit in Noma Nation!

If you’re an athlete, SSU is a great place to be. The Seawolves have won 3 national championships and 38 conference championships!



7) Small classes and an intimate learning environment

Looking for close relations with your professors and discussion-based classes with your peers? 80% of classes have fewer than 50 students, meaning SSU provides a smaller and more intimate academic atmosphere than many other public universities.



8) Our brand new buildings make campus life awesome!

Our new Recreational Center is just one of the amazing new buildings on campus, with a fitness center, climbing wall, an indoor track made of recycled rubber, spa, and bike maintenance facilities. Right next door, the recently constructed Student Center houses 2 restaurants, 1 pub, a brand new dining hall, and beautifully designed study areas to fit any need. The recently opened Green Music Center is a world-renowned music destination with multiple performance venues, a music education wing, sprawling outdoor spaces, an on-site restaurant, and much more.

SSU’s Recreational Center, home to fitness, fun, and friends!
With 59,000 square feet of space, our Student Center serves as a model for colleges around the country, according to Thebestcolleges.org!
The Green Music Center, where world famous performers and students alike share renowned music and educational spaces!


9) On another note, this is what the Sonoma County coast looks like.

And it’s only 30 minutes from campus!



10) Take a short drive into nature!

We are only 20 minutes from Annadel State park, which is full of wildlife, mountain biking trails, and breathtaking views that span all the way to the Pacific Ocean.



11) The perfect place for tree huggers!

Or you can take a hike through the Armstrong Redwood Forest, one of the few places left in the US where these towering trees and winding paths offer incredible hiking opportunities.



12) Dig fresh produce and healthy eating?

Sonoma County is also one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country, and has a year-round growing season. That means fresh veggies, dairy, and meats, all locally sourced – and delicious.



13) Don’t forget about city life!

Despite its rural roots, SSU is only 1 hour north of San Francisco – one of the most culturally vibrant, diverse, and lively cities in the US.

San Francisco, CA, USA


14) We’re a quick drive away from some of the best sports teams in the country!

How many other places offer such easy access to the likes of the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s, and Golden State Warriors?



15) Did we mention the music scene?

Between Treasure Island and Outside Lands music festivals and Hardly Strictly, a FREE weekend of bluegrass all conveniently located in Golden Gate park, we can hardly keep up with the amazing music!



16) Sonoma County = Rohnert Park + so much more…

But even if you never leave Sonoma County, there is SO much to do. Going to SSU means you not only have access to Rohnert Park, but also Sebastopol, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Healdsburg…the list goes on!




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