Meet the Student Ambassadors


What is a Student Ambassador?  This group of individuals have each studied away or are currently on exchange at Sonoma State University. They are dedicated to answering questions, sharing experiences, and helping students make the most out of their college experience.  Come visit us at The Center for International Education -Room 107- International Hall for more information on Studying Away.

This semester we are welcoming two new ambassadors to our team!

Camille Cheze – Student Ambassador – France


Camille is a 21-year-old French international student here at SSU, currently enrolled in her first year of MA in Linguistics. This is her second year abroad, after spending one in Dublin, Ireland, four years ago. When she is a grown-up, she would like to work in Ireland, playing with language (French or English) for a living – working as a teacher or in communication. The year she spent in Ireland triggered the curiosity to discover the world, which led her to work a lot in order to finance multiple travels throughout Europe. Her favorite things in life include going to concerts, dreaming about George Ezra, eating oriental pastries and fresh croissants, re-reading her favorite books and backpacking around. The things she is not fond of are Brussel sprouts, being stuck at the same place for too long and ironing. Her favorite place on Earth in county Wicklow in Ireland and she hopes to live there someday with at least a sheep and a trampoline in her backyard.

Countries visited: France, Spain, England, Indonesia, Ireland, Finland, Hungary and the United States (only four of them)

Demarcus Luckett – Student Ambassador and WIVA Programs Assistant – Germany


Demarcus Luckett is a senior here at Sonoma State. He spent his junior year not only studying abroad in Germany but I also had the opportunity to teach English at an Elementary school. He volunteered with the Germany American Institute to help educate high school students on American lifestyle and culture. Currently he is the WIVA Programs Assistant. Meeting with students and helping them find different opportunities abroad is his passion! He is also a new CIE ambassador this semester and looks forward to once again working with international students and people from all cultural backgrounds and experiences.

And welcome back to our returnees!

Max Kohl – Lead Student  Ambassador – Germany 

Max is a senior at Sonoma State and is currently studying business with a focus in marketing and is working on a German minor. Being born in Florida, but raised in California, Max has grown to love living by the ocean, though he is deathly afraid of sharks and giant squids. Max’s hobbies are playing musical instruments such as guitar and drums, exercising, jazzercising, eating, watching moviMaxes and long walks on the beach. Max also loves traveling and has been to 15 countries including places like China, Hungary and Spain. Max also spent his junior year of college in Germany, where he fell in love with the German culture and the German chocolate. Now that he is back in California, he spends his free time binging on Taco Bell and watching reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Countries Visited:  Germany, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Italy, Belgium Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Slovakia

Anna Vatuone – Marketing & Outreach Chair – Italy1378635_10205172465535149_33911746780458692_n

Anna is 21 years old, she is from small-town Gilroy, California where everyone knows one another and probably always will.  Anna started at Sonoma State University during the fall of 2012 with a strong intent to study or work abroad during her college career.  After thoughtful consideration, she chose Italy, the country in which all of her relatives are originally from, to study literature.  As Italy captures many hearts, Anna fell certain to this, as she began to understand the Italian culture while meeting new people, and studying the politics and society of the nation.  Italy gave Anna a sense of direction, as she discovered her passion for chronicling and journaling her adventures through different countries.  After returning to the United States, Anna has one year left at Sonoma State and will graduate in the spring with a Liberal Studies degree.  She hopes to further her love for travel, study and people by moving back overseas and teaching English as a second language to adults.  Wherever life may take her, she hopes to give back to the world as much as it has given her to see and explore.

Countries Visited: Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Morocco, Monaco

Angie Durkee – Community Engagement Chair – SpainIMG_3537_2

Hola! Angie Durkee welcomes you to the Center for International Education! Angie was born in Stanford Hospital on November 7. She was raised in Redwood City, California by her beloved parents and grandparents. She speaks advanced Spanish and English with her parents, which influenced her decision to want to study abroad in Spain. Angie went to Madrid for the Spring 2015 semester through NSE Study Abroad and had a magnificent experience. She claims it was the best five months of her life! She hopes to graduate Spring 2016 so she can return to Spain next summer to teach English, spend time with her host family, and visit her colleagues in Europe. Angie enjoys dancing Zumba in her free time because the Latin rhythms remind her of the music played in Spain. She welcomes you to join her whenever (preferably Wednesday mornings at 9:30am in Santa Rosa)! She also enjoys long romantic walks on Sonoma State campus – especially after Sonoma aroma has been unleashed… Get to know her! She’s pretty cool.

Countries Visited: Mexico, El Salvador, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, and Denmark

Kiera Anderson – Student Ambassador- GermanyKiera

Kiera is a senior Liberal Studies major and German minor from Cool, California. She studied in Tübingen, Germany for the 2014-15 academic year, and thoroughly enjoyed her time traveling Europe, learning a foreign language, meeting people from all over the world, and having an excuse to wear a Dirndl. The experience gave her the opportunity to connect with her German heritage, visiting family in Nordrhein-Westfalen that she had not seen for many years and eating too much homemade Käsespätzle. Now as an alumna, CIE student ambassador, and Ryanair aficionado, Kiera hopes to further her understanding of various cultures and lifestyles and encourage others to look into their study away options.

Countries visited: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, U.K., Ireland, Italy, Belgium

Meredith Watkins – Student Ambassador – England 

Meredith grew up in Vallejo, California, a city not all that well known, but a city noted for its diversity. The cultural diversity she experienced from her home town has always pushed her to seek out new places with new people and experiences. Having spent most of her childhood and teenage life exploring and travelling throughout the United States with her family, traveling internationally and experiencing life in another country had always been a goal she was determined to achieve. Studying abroad was at the top of her list when she entered Sonoma State as a freshman. Eager to start the process of studying internationally, she attended information meetings and spoke with advisors during her first year to make sure she could make her desire to study internationally a reality. As a political science student interested in international relations, Meredith chose to study in England at the University of Hull in order to gain knowledge of the British political system. Her semester abroad exposed her to so many cultures she had never experienced befedinburgh castleore firsthand, forming friendships with English, Brazilian, Romanian, Australian, German, French, and Italian students. Living in another country helped her to realize what she was truly capable of when given the opportunity. Her time spent living and traveling in England and Scotland has only fueled her desire to pursue international travel in the future. Meredith wants to now help others have the opportunity to live, work, study, or travel internationally or around the United States. She believes the opportunity is out there for everyone no matter what their circumstances are! After graduation she hopes to attend graduate school or gain work experience in health policy at both a domestic and international level.

Countries Visited:  England, Scotland, and Ireland



Stephanie Hand – NSE Student Assistant – Wales

Stephanie is a senior this year at Sonoma State studying Criminal Justice with an American Multicultural Studies minor. She just returned from the CSU IP program in SwanseStephaniea, Wales. At Swansea University she studied the UK’s Constitution and their approach to controlling crime. Her favorite part about studying abroad was interacting with students from all over the world. She also really enjoyed adapting to and living the Welsh lifestyle, from customs to foods and sport. The whole experience changed the way she approached life and thought about the world. She is now almost ready to graduate from SSU. After graduation she plans to find a way back to Wales through either graduate school or working abroad. In her free time, Stephanie loves watching and going to Bay Area sport games, trying new local food places, a bit of banter with her mates, and going to new places. She is excited to share her experiences and have the chance to help others see how beneficial studying away can be.

Countries Visited: Canada, Mexico, Wales, England, Scotland, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands and France


Amy Weald – ISA Student Ambassador – England

Born as a duel citizen and raised in San Jose, California to British parents, Amy had a passion for travel. Competitive hockey throughout much of her childhood enabled Amy to travel to over twenty of our fifty states. But to Amy the world was so much larger than just America. Each summer upon her family’s return to their beloved England Amy would dream of a day when she could finally live in the gorgeous, rolling countryside of England laughing and playing all day with her cousins. As Amy grew older she yearned for more excitement in her life. All throughout high school she contemplated the idea or attending university in the United Kingdom, or at the very least studying abrAmy Wealdoad there. Freshman year at Sonoma Amy attended her first info meeting for study abroad and from that moment on the decision was made that she would be studying abroad in the United Kingdom. Flash-forward to junior year and Amy spent the Spring 2015 semester living in London doing new and exciting things every week. Study abroad was everything she hoped for and more. Upon her return she could not wait to somehow incorporate her experiences and love for study abroad into her daily life back home. Amy now makes it her every day goal to step outside of her comfort zone, encourage people to travel, and say yes to more opportunities. Amy is an ISA (International Studies Abroad) Global Ambassador.

Countries Visited: England, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Prague, Amsterdam, and throughout the Untied States.

Sean Person – Student Ambassador – Korea 

IMG_3774This is a biography about Sean Person (his last name is Person, like a people). He was born as a man to his parents Sandy and Jack and as a younger brother to Tanner. Sean was given the opportunity to travel to France, Italy, and the United Kingdom when he was twelve years old, and that is when he started to develop an appreciation for travel. After recently returning back to the United States after spending a year in South Korea and Japan, Sean hopes to continue spending time with international students. Sean was born in 1994 with straight blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nose, but when Sean went through puberty, his hair became curly and wavy. He is still unsure why this happened. Now Sean is a twenty-one year old man, and he still cannot grow a mustache or beard. Sean has worked as a private tutor for middle school students and also as an editor for a self-study language book that allows Korean students to learn conversational English. He is now excited to begin this year as an international ambassador for Sonoma State University. His interests include: snowboarding, eating, cooking, photography, playing the drums, watching movies, bicycling, surfing, and traveling.

Countries Visited:  Mexico, France, England, Italy, South Korea, Japan

Michelle Perez – Student Ambassador – Florida Michelle

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Michelle Perez is currently a National Exchange student at Sonoma State University. She exchanged from Florida International University in Miami where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Human Resources Management and a minor in Computer Science. She is an avid pizza lover and loves to seek the thrills our world has to offer. Michelle has visited Colombia, EL Salvador, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. She is extremely proud of her Hispanic heritage and enjoys talking about it. Her goal in life is to bring down discrimination in the workplace against minorities as well as raise a beautiful family in California. A Woman on a mission.

Countries Visited: Colombia, El Salvador, and Mexico

Katie Busch – Student Ambassador – England

KKatieatie Busch is a southern California native but is a senior sociology student at Sonoma State University. She studied this past school year in Brighton, England and presumably became obsessed with tea and scones. Katie is a self-professed cat lady and vegetarian. She enjoys playing Frisbee, long boarding, hiking, camping… basically anything outdoors and she will be there! She is keen on going to the pub with her friends to grab a pint and bite to eat. She loves to travel and experience new things and is always itching for a new adventure. She hopes to create her own non-profit organization someday and maybe even expand abroad!

Countries Visited: Costa Rica, India, England, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, and Ireland.


Paige Cummings – Student Ambassador – Italy

PaDSCN0828ige is a senior in the Liberal Studies department here at Sonoma. She is a Northern California Native, having grown up in the East Bay. Paige moved to Sonoma State in order to pursue a career in teaching but discovered her true passion in the Center for International Education. She just returned from her year abroad in Florence, Italy. There she immersed herself in the language and culture and made many lifelong friends and memories. She hopes to help other students pursue their own travels this year as a Global Ambassador.

Countries Visited: Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Hungary



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