Student Spotlight: Hanan Sedaghat Pisheh


What is your full name?

Hanan Sedaghat Pisheh


What year are you?


Degree-seeking/ Master’s Student


What is your hometown and/or country?



What is your major/ what are you studying here at Sonoma State?

Computer Engineering Science


What are your goals, academic or otherwise, for the current Fall semester?

This semester I have taken important courses which I have to learn perfectly as I want to get an internship next semester. I also managed some workshops for my classmates to learn more skills. Also I am teacher assistant for a Microcontrollers course. Additionally, our proposal for ted talk at SSU has been granted and I am doing research for it. So my goal is to try hard to accomplish this semester with a GPA of 4.0 and many new skills.


What is one memorable thing you did over this past Summer Vacation?

My friend and I held a workshop on wearable electronics. We designed a jacket which has different features like light pattern and a speaker also it has a sensor motion which was changing the LED patterns. It was a nice memory for me as it was an Engineering and Teaching experiment for me.


How do you spend your weekends?

I am mostly busy with home work and studying, I’m also going to the gym and pool, watching movies and doing laundry and cleaning up, meeting with my friends and family, also sometimes cooking.


What, if any, organizations have you been involved in on campus?

I am president of Society of Women Engineers at SSU, Master Students club (MSCES), Electrical Engineering Club, IEEC MEMBERS .


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