Student Spotlight: Mylène Picque

Q1: What is your full name? Do you have any nicknames?
My full name is Mylène Picque. I do not have any nicknames.
Q2: What is your age?
I have 22 years old.
Q3: What year are you in terms of your education?
I have a Bachelor degree from a Business School in Paris, in Marketing.
Q4: Are you an exchange, international, or SSALI student?
I am SSALI student.
Q5: How long are you/ will you be studying at Sonoma State for?
I have been studying at Sonoma State for over 5 months.
Q6: What is your hometown and/or country
My hometown is Paris, and my country France.
Q7: What is your major?
My major (in France) is Marketing, in America my major is English.
Q8: What are your goals (academically or non academically) for this Spring semester?
My goals for this Spring semester are : – To be fluent in English (almost bilingual) – Understand American people (it is still hard sometimes, I mean understand without asking to repeat one more time) – Have good grammar – Meet awesome people !!!!
Q9: What is one memorable thing you did last semester?
One of memorable thing I did last semester was, probably go camping with the other SSALI and some SSU students. It was fun and uncommon for me (it is not easy to do camping in Paris).
Q10: What do you like to do in your free time?
During my free time, I like to play pool, meet new students (SSU students) talk with them and have fun.

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