Student Spotlights: Nils Hoffmann & Jonas Zastrow

 Nils and Jonas
Nils Hoffmann(left) and  Jonas Zastrow (right)
Q1: What is your full name? Do you have any nicknames?
 Nils: My name is Nils Hoffmann. Because the name Nils is so short, I don’t have any nicknames.

Jonas: My name is Jonas Zastrow I don’t have any nicknames.

Q2: What is your age?
Nils: I am 22, but I turn 23 in April.

Jonas: I’m 22 years old.

Q3: What year are you in terms of your education?

Nils: I am in the the sixths semester – and I need one more semester in Germany for my graduation.

Jonas: I’m in my 3rd year now. This semester at SSU is my 6th semester.

Q4: Are you an exchange, international, or SSALI student?

Nils: I am an international student.

Jonas: I’m an international student as well. 

Q5: How long are you/ will you be studying at Sonoma State for?

Nils: I will be here for one semester.

Jonas: I’m here for only one semester.

Q6: What is your hometown and/or country?

Nils: My hometown is the beautiful Husum in Germany. 30 miles from there is Flensburg, the city where I am studying in Germany.

Jonas: I’m from Flensburg, Germany. It’s at the border of Denmark.

Q7: What is your major?

Nils: In Germany I study Energy and Environmental Management; here my major is the combination of business & economics.

Jonas: At SSU I have Economic and Business classes. However, in Germany my major is Industrial Engineering

Q8: What are your goals (academically or non academically) for this Spring semester?

Nils: My goals for this semester are to experience the american culture, improve my English, learn to think in a different way and of course, and to travel a lot.

Jonas: My goals are to meet a lot of people, find some new friends, and to see a lot in this country.

Q9: What is one memorable thing you did last semester?

Nils: One memorable thing I did last semester was enjoying the sun at the harbor of Flensburg while having a barbecue there with all of my friends -> Google “Flensburg Hafenspitze”

Jonas: I had an amazing dinner and an incredible party with all my best friends from my course of studies. The Fall semester was, for most of us, the last semester in Flensburg, because we all need to do a semester abroad in our degree program. It was a very nice evening to say goodbye to everyone.

Q10: What do you like to do in your free time?

Nils: I like taking pictures, doing sports, writing in my study abroad blog ( by the way) and I also like to cook 🙂

Jonas: I like hanging out with friends, doing lots of sports, visiting  new places in the country, and going to parties. 


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