Student Spotlights: CIE Ambassadors


Pictured from top to bottom, left to right: Sean Person, Demarcus Luckett, Hope Ortiz (Programs Adviser) , Angie Durkee, Max Kohl, Anna Vatuone, Paige Cummings, Camille Chèze, Stephanie Hand, Meredith Watkins, Milan Morales (Program Assistant), Michelle Perez, and Katie Busch (Not pictured: Kiera Anderson).

We would like to thank all of these individuals for their continued commitment to CIE and IEEC! They have played an important role to not only the operations in the CIE office, but also to the international climate at SSU as they have worked to build an inclusive and fun environment for all.

All of the ambassadors have been or are on an exchange currently. Below are some of the ambassadors’ anonymous reasons of why they have enjoyed working for CIE:

“I enjoy working here because it’s like one big fun family. The friends and experiences I’ve made through this job are some of the best friends/experiences I’ve had in my whole college career. And I get to spread love and excitement for going abroad and international education. it’s a win-win situation!”

“I have so much enjoyed getting the opportunity  to work with people who have the same interests and similar life experiences to share. I am happy that these people are not only my co-workers, but my closest friends. This is truly an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.”

“The staff is amazing!!!”

“I loved getting to know everyone and making the best of work together :)”

“No matter how hard  the day can get, the brightest part is working with the best people.”

“It has been really nice to be able to talk about my experience without over burdening anyone. Coming back from studying abroad was hard and this was a great way to bond with people. Love<3”

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone while sharing infinite laughs and making incredible memories!”






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