Meet the New CIE Ambassadors!

Fall ’16 Ambassadors

What is a Student Ambassador?  This group of individuals have each studied away or are currently on exchange at Sonoma State University. They are dedicated to answering questions, sharing experiences, and helping students make the most out of their college experience.  Come visit us at The Center for International Education -Room 107- International Hall for more information on Studying Away.

This semester we are welcoming many new ambassadors to our team!


Max Kohl – Lead Student  Ambassador – Germany 

Max is a senior at Sonoma State and is currently studying business with a focus in marketing and is working on a German minor. Being born in Florida, but raised in California, Max has grown to love living by the ocean, though he is deathly afraid of sharks and giant squids. Max’s hobbies are playing musical instruments such as guitar and drums, exercising, jazzercising, eating, watching moviMaxes and long walks on the beach. Max also loves traveling and has been to 15 countries including places like China, Hungary and Spain. Max also spent his junior year of college in Germany, where he fell in love with the German culture and the German chocolate. Now that he is back in California, he spends his free time binging on Taco Bell and watching reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Countries Visited:  Germany, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Italy, Belgium Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Slovakia

Stephanie Hand – Special Programming Committee Chair – Wales

Stephanie is a senior this year at Sonoma State studying Criminal Justice with an American Multicultural Studies minor. She just returned from the CSU IP program in SwanseStephaniea, Wales. At Swansea University she studied the UK’s Constitution and their approach to controlling crime. Her favorite part about studying abroad was interacting with students from all over the world. She also really enjoyed adapting to and living the Welsh lifestyle, from customs to foods and sport. The whole experience changed the way she approached life and thought about the world. She is now almost ready to graduate from SSU. After graduation she plans to find a way back to Wales through either graduate school or working abroad. In her free time, Stephanie loves watching and going to Bay Area sport games, trying new local food places, a bit of banter with her mates, and going to new places. She is excited to share her experiences and have the chance to help others see how beneficial studying away can be.

Countries Visited: Canada, Mexico, Wales, England, Scotland, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands and France

Demarcus Luckett – Community Engagement Chair – Germany


Demarcus Luckett is a senior here at Sonoma State. He spent his junior year not only studying abroad in Germany but he also had the opportunity to teach English at an Elementary school. He volunteered with the Germany American Institute to help educate high school students on American lifestyle and culture. Currently he is the WIVA Programs Assistant. Meeting with students and helping them find different opportunities abroad is his passion! He is also a new CIE ambassador this semester and looks forward to once again working with international students and people from all cultural backgrounds and experiences.

 Andrew Pickett – Marketing & Outreach Chair – Germany


Andrew is a German Major, Business Minor from sunny San Diego, California. He studied in Germany for the 2014-2015 academic year, taking classes at a both Tuebingen and Reutlingen University. He returned to Germany in summer of 2016 to intern at MODE Media, a marketing firm in Munich.  Andrew’s time abroad has greatly enriched his education and work ethic. Andrew has studied both German and French and is somewhat capable in both depending on the day.

Countries Visited: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, England, Mexico, and Canada

Kaitlin Tucker – Student Ambassador – U.K.


Kaitlin is a fourth year student at Sonoma State University and is studying Political Science with a minor in Environmental Studies and Planning. She studied abroad her junior year in the town of Kingston Upon Thames in Greater London. At Kingston University she studied political theory and British life and culture. Her favourite thing to do on a weekend in London would be to go into town to get coffee, walk along the Thames and have brunch with friends (then the pub later on!). What she misses most are the fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding. During her time abroad she loved to learn about other countries and their cultures. She encourages everyone to travel whenever you find the opportunity or to just create the opportunity!

Countries visited: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Iceland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany.

Bonnie Betts – Student Ambassador – Minnesota

Bonnie is an NSE alumni from Minnesota who recently transferred to Sonoma State University after her year of NSE at SSU. She is an Environmental Studies & City bonniePlanning major, that would like to specialize in sustainable development and waste management. After college she plans on applying her major to work for a government, consulting firm, or an environmental non profit. During her time at Sonoma State for NSE she got to explore many aspects of California such as the desert climate of Southern California, and the lively streets of San Francisco during the Chinese New Year Parade. She got to hike and be outside year round which is a luxury compared to life in her native Minnesota.She hopes to one day travel to the Middle East and Italy.

Countries Visited: Mexico, Austria, Germany, and the Islands of the beautiful Bahamas.

Tiana Barrios – Student Ambassador – Hawai’i

Tiana Barrios studied away through NSE at Univeristy of Hawai’i at Hilo. There she became very involved by tianaambassadorpicjoining a dance team, interning for the UH Recreation Center, and working as a student assistant on a research project for the Deparment of Psychology. Her favorite thing about her experience away was becoming immersed in the very rich  and diverse culture Hawai’i had to offer. Next spring she will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. After graduation she hopes to get into an Entry level Masters Program in Nursing, and to eventually become a Nurse Practitioner.

Diana D’Alessandro – Student Ambassador – France


Diana D’Alessandro is currently a senior at Sonoma state university. She is studying communication studies in hopes to enter the marketing/ PR world and recently picked up a French minor while studying abroad in Paris. She has a knack for languages and enjoys learning about different cultures and music. While in Paris, she was able to attend a French University and live in the center of the city. Living there made her realize how much of a city girl she truly is and motivated her to want to move back after graduating. She aspires to travel the world one day and meet inspiring individuals along the way. The city became her favorite place in the whole world and through the ambassador program she wants to ensure that other students are prepared and love their experience just as much!

Countries Visited: Venezuela, Canada, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Morocco, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany, Austria, and Haiti.

Rosa Serrato – Student Ambassador – Spain

Rosa is a senior here at Sonoma State University. She spent her junior year exploring Spain and learning Spanish as her second language in the CSU IP rosaambassadorpicJaen: Learn Spanish Program. Not only was she learning a language or becoming familiar with a new culture, she also spent part of her year teaching English at a local elementary school and an English learning academy. During her time abroad she was lucky enough to travel to Holland, France, Portugal, Gibraltar, and Morocco. Now that she is back, she loves sharing her stories and encouraging others to study away.

Simone Landis – Student Ambassador – Spain

Simone is originally from San Francisco, California but considers herself to be a woman of the world. For the past two years her parents have lived in Tianjin, simoneambassadorpicChina and just recently they moved their life to Kuwait in the Middle East. Simone has family all over the world and for this reason she has grown up with the incredible opportunity to travel to many remote locations beginning when she was only months old. She is currently a Senior Communications student at Sonoma State University also pursuing a Spanish minor. She studied abroad this last year in Jaén, Spain and traveled all over Europe and to Asia as well. Her favorite part about studying abroad was the the chance to meet and interact with people from all over the world. Her opportunity to immerse herself into a new culture and learn from people from many different backgrounds has given her a new perspective on life and the world as a whole. She plans to do her Masters abroad and then pursue a career in International Public Relations. If she could, she would spend all her time traveling the world and eating different cuisines. Simone hopes to spread her passion for traveling to as many people as possible through the Student Ambassador program.

Countries Visited: China, Malaysia, Thailand, Macau, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Morocco, Costa Rica, Panama, India, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Aruba, +

Lauren Stafford – Student Ambassador – U.K.

Lauren Stafford is a fifth year biology student at Sonoma State. Living and growing up in five different states gave Lauren the desire to travel and see the world. Last year she studied laurenambassadorpicin the outer borough of London at Kingston University. Living in England, she fell in love with the people, culture, and the cold pints of beer. As she travels, Lauren has an obsession of collecting postcards and buying country specific Starbucks mugs. Her favorite country (outside of England) is Italy where she has traveled to seventeen cities there while abroad. She believes the food and scenery is beyond perfection. Lauren aspires to one day live in Europe and hopes to go across the pond in the near future.

Countries Visited: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland.

Courtney – Student Ambassador – France

Courtney is a senior here at Sonoma State studying psychology with a courtneyambassadorpicFrench minor. Originally from San Francisco, she spent her year abroad in the picturesque city of Aix­-en­-Provence where she ate her weight in bread and cheese and drank her fill of wine. After Sonoma, she hopes to go to graduate school abroad and continue traveling. If you are ever looking for her, she’s probably eating or daydreaming about her next adventure.

Countries Visited: Portugal, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Morocco

Melissa – Student Ambassador – Mexico


Melissa Cardoza is a Senior here at Sonoma State with a major in Kinesiology, and two minors in Spanish and Biology. Her plan is to finish school the following year and attend graduate school to get a degree in Physical Therapy. In addition to being a Student Ambassador in the Center for International Education, she also plays on the Women’s Club Soccer team at SSU and coaches gymnastics. The past year she studied abroad in Mexico and finished her Spanish minor. In the future she would love to travel to Europe and Asia.


Countries visited: Mexico and England

Amira – Student Ambassador – Spain

imageAmira was born and raised in Fresno, California and is now a Senior here at Sonoma State. She is Mexican and Costa Rican and speaks both Spanish and English. She is a Spanish major, which helped influence her decision to study in Spain. Amira studied in Granada, Spain for the 2015-16 academic year, and loved every second of it! In her time abroad, she was able to finish the entire Spanish major and will be receiving a Bachelor’s degree in 3 and a half years. From improving her Spanish to encountering and learning about new languages and cultures, studying abroad was the experience of a lifetime for her and one she will never forget. It gave her the opportunity to broade

n her horizons and have a completely new outlook on the world. Living in a foreign country was a big step for her, but ultimately is one that paid off. She is eager to travel and learn more about the world and help others do the same. After she graduates she will begin teaching, and hopefully it’s abroad!

Countries visited: Morocco, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Italy


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