Student Spotlight: Justine Le Goas


Meet Justine, Sonoma State’s first student spotlight of the 2016 fall semester! Justine is originally from France and has been very involved in the community, making the most of her year abroad.

1.) What is your favorite place in the world? – I love cities. I can’t choose between Paris or New York. They both offer so many things, except maybe a lot of nature. New York feels like Europe to me and I’m in love with The Eiffel Tower. You can never go wrong with classics!

2.) Why did you come to Sonoma State University?– I am here as the FLTA (Foreign Language Teaching Assistant). I was chosen to come to the United States with Fulbright and Sonoma was my first choice. It was a beautiful campus and I loved the time difference as well. I also love wine, so this was the perfect area for  it!

 3.)  What inspires you?– I think anything inspires me in a way. I have an amazing family that is very close to me and I know they will be with me wherever I go. I also love knowing what fuels people in life. I try to take a little bit of other peoples energy and spread it. I don’t make high expectations and prefer to enjoy life with whatever it gives me.

4.)  What are you looking forward to this year?– This whole year is like a dream to me! Already, I’ve seen so many places and met great people. I just want to soak up as many things as possible and have the perfect American experience. I want to fulfill everything to my best, especially my radio show coming up. I have been given so many opportunities here, some that I couldn’t have had in France. Everyone is so friendly and open, it is a nice change. It will be nice to be here for the presidential elections as well!

5.) Do you have a guilty pleasure? -I’m obsessed with Beyoncé! I love learning her choreography. One of my friends in France knows the entire choreography for Single Ladies and I hope to learn it too. When her new album, Lemonade came out it was so difficult to focus on school. I listened to it so many times! I felt on top of the world listening to her. The show Sex and the City is also another guilty pleasure of mine. I could watch that show over and over again!

6.) If you could do anything right now, what would you do?– I would love to do a road trip all over the United States. I want to see the entire country and really get to know it. I am trying to plan all of my travels ahead of time!

7.) What is your favorite thing about California so far? -It’s funny because I expected my favorite thing to be the weather, but clearly it is already getting cold! My favorite thing is definitely the people. They are so friendly and helpful. Someone helped me when I was at the airport and even gave me money for the bus. I have also talked to all my professors and they have been so understanding and nice. In France, professors were usually too busy to spend time helping their students. I just love how nice everyone is!


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