Student Spotlight: Daichi Kagawa

14568103_10154626053099853_5637208947093676015_nThis weeks student spotlight is Daichi Kagawa! He is originally from Japan and super excited to be here this year.

1.) What is your favorite thing in the world? – I love to travel. I want to go all over the world when this exchange ends. I want to discover things I don’t know.

2.) What are some differences between Japan and California?- The surroundings! In college, everyone is Japanese in Japan. There is no diversity, but here I am surrounded by Americans and many other nationalities. Germans, French, Brazilians, Koreans, and Canadians! When I first came to America, I stayed in a hostel and there were people from all over the world in the room with me. Everyone could speak English so well. So fast!

3.) How are your classes?- Good! Much easier than Japan for me. I must get good grades in Japan to succeed, but here I don’t need to worry so much. I am not so stressed. I can go out and party, volunteer, enjoy myself here.

4.) What do you look forward to most this year?- I look forward to traveling to the different parts of The United States. I want to go to New York! I want to know the differences between the East coast and the West coast.

5.) Has anything surprised you while being here? – Yes! People kiss in public here. I was at a Nike store in San Francisco and a couple in front of me started kissing. I was very surprised. No one does that in Japan. The height difference between the men and the women is huge too! Another thing is in Japan, people are quieter. At baseball games Americans cheer and are loud, while in Japan they are not.

6.) What is your guilty pleasure?- Hamburgers! I can eat a hamburger everyday. I have one all the time for lunch.

7.) What do you hope to accomplish this year?- I want to talk with native English speakers and make new friends. I want to be able to understand everyone in English. Everyone speaks so fast, so I hope to be able to understand them all by the end of the year.


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