Student Spotlight: Valérie Bourgault

This week’s student spotlight is Valérie! Valérie is originally from Canada!

1.) What is your favorite place to be? – Oh my god! My favorite place to be I guess is my room. My room is my own space and I like to have my own personal time without being bothered by anyone. I love my bedroom, but I’m not trying to hide from anyone!

2.) What are three things you have with you at all times?- my Ipod, phone, and coffee/water. I listen to music everywhere, all the time! I also am a snapchat addict. I confess I binge snap. I’ll have a full snapstory for two weeks then go another week with nothing. And I need my phone to text!

3.) What’s the phrase you use the most? – Probably “I’m very busy!” I use it almost everyday and it’s my excuse in life. It is so true though! I am always so busy! I start my day with a few plans and end it doing a thousand things.

4.) What are some major differences between Canada and California?-The toilets! The stalls here have seat covers and a lot more privacy. In Canada we don’t have that. Also, everyone is so friendly here and easy to talk to. Some people do say that about Canada too though.

5.) What is something you are passionate about?-Like everything! I’ll think about something and spend three days overly passionate about it. Sometimes, it might be a project. One day I would want to learn the Ukelele and I’ll spend all week on it. Then I’ll start a new obsession after.

6.) What do you look forward to this year?- Meeting a lot of people! Getting out of my comfort zone and discovering American culture. American culture feels like the life I’ve always seen in the movies!

7.) Is there anything you wish you had known before coming to California?– Yes, I wish I had known how cold it would be. I was trying to escape the cold in Canada! But I like sweater weather so this is still good.


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