Student Spotlight: Isabelle Breideband


This week’s student spotlight is Isabelle Breideband! Isabelle is originally from Germany.

1.) Describe yourself in three words. – I am active, friendly, and shy. But I am trying to get rid of my shyness!

2.) What is your favorite thing about California? – I love it here at SSU. I’m so upset I will have to leave because I’m only here for a semester. The SSU campus is so beautiful and the people are so nice. I love San Francisco too!

3.) What do you do for fun? – I like to go running and hangout with my friends. When I’m running I feel free and relaxed. It helps me think about problems. I also love to do marathons as well!

4.) Do you have a favorite memory at SSU already? – Yes, my favorite memory here has been my birthday! On Thursday we went to the bars and I wasn’t expecting a surprise party on Friday. That was so nice of my roommates to organize.

5.) What’s the largest difference between Germany and California? – I don’t think the two are really that different. The weather is, but I think it’s different being away from my family and the German language. The language is a huge difference for me.

6.) Has it been easy for you to adapt? – At the beginning it was hard because I’m shy and I was afraid of speaking English. I am shyer here than I am in Germany. Now, it’s a lot easier, especially with hanging around the other international students.

7.) What is your favorite class you are taking? – My favorite class is hospitality and event management because we get a lot of guest speakers. It’s a small class, so I like that better. It’s not like a lecture, but more of a discussion. We are learning a lot about different case studies.


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