Student Spotlight: Mariana Russi

14572965_10154695944154853_3205257900719137059_n.jpg This weeks student spotlight is Mariana Russi! Mariana is originally from Bogotá, Colombia.

1.)  What’s your favorite part about California? – I like the vineyards around here. I’ve never seen them before. In my country we have coffee, but we do not make wine. I also feel like I am learning more here. California is very liberal and I love that. That has influenced me with the way I dress and eat. I love organic local food.

2.) Did you choose California specifically?- I have family here and when I wanted to study abroad I knew it would be cheaper to live with my family. Also the English here is better! In Australia and England the accent is difficult to understand.

3.)What do you do for fun?– I love playing with my cats! I love spending time with them, reading, and watching movies. I prefer mystery novels, historical films, documentaries too. Films having to do with social problems around the world are my favorite.

4.) What is your favorite memory here so far?- Last week, I went to San Francisco and was amazed by the museum of modern art! It was great to see original pieces of art, not the copies. They had Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Picasso originals. The Golden Gate Bridge is great too!

5.) What is the largest difference between Colombia and California?- The size of things! The food here is really big and there are more clothes options. It does not matter what size you are, there will always be clothes you can fit into. Everyone is so small in Colombia so it was hard to find clothes there. Everyone is the same size. Now, here I feel much better about my size.

6.) What is your favorite class you are taking?- I think grammar because I feel comfortable when I speak, but my grammar was not good when I came here. The class has helped me improve a lot.

7.) Where do you see yourself in five years?- I hope to be finished with my major in Colombia. Then, I hope to come back and do my MBA in California. I really want to go to UC Berkeley to study political science. I am thinking of doubling it with business.


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