Student Spotlight: Chika Koiwa

14938334_10154720756279853_5155495620254240198_n.jpgThis week’s student spotlight is Chika Koiwa! Chika is originally from Japan.

1.)Who is your favorite celebrity?- Vanessa Hudgens because her voice is amazing! I was inspired by her singing and I started to sing after watching High School Musical. That was my turning point.

2.)What do you like best about California?- The people! For example, at Charlie Brown’s today a girl asked me where I was from and she was so friendly. Also, when I first arrived at the airport I couldn’t get to Sonoma State and a man helped Aki and I find our way.

3.)What do you hope to accomplish this year?- I hope to be a different person and become more active in school. I am very shy and I hesitate to talk in English. I hope to be less shy. Nobody knows me here, but in Japan they do.

4.)Do you have a favorite hobby?- I like to play the guitar. I left my electric guitar in Japan, so I bought an acoustic guitar here. The guitar inspired me to go to more concerts!

5.)If you could have one wish, what would it be?- I wish I could look more like an adult. I look so young! Even in Japan people tell me to be quiet because I look so young. I wish I was taller too!

6.)Your favorite subject in school?- I’m taking three music classes and one art course. My favorite is the art course surprisingly. I’m learning how to edit photos by using Photoshop. I find it interesting to make the photos more beautiful.

7.)What’s the largest difference between Japan and here?- This might sound weird, but people often spit in front of me here. I’m afraid of stepping in it! I’m so confused and I don’t understand why they do that. In Japan we don’t do that. Also, in the kitchens people started clapping when someone dropped a dish, which would never happen in Japan. They would get in trouble there.


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