Student Spotlight: Berit Schuchmann

10325556_10203222940633960_4228032557553574672_n.jpgThis weeks student spotlight is Berit Schuchmann! Berit is originally from Germany.

1.) What is your favorite thing about California and why?- I really enjoy the sunny weather and the beautiful landscapes here in California. I love spending time in the sun, especially at the ocean. The weather in Germany is often rainy and cold.

2.) Do you have any plans for the upcoming vacation?- I will spend Thanksgiving break in San Diego with some of the other German students. We are going to stay with a friend and his family. I’m excited to see how Thanksgiving is celebrated here.

3.) What is the largest difference between Germany and California?-Studying here is very different to my home university in Aschaffenburg. Being here reminds me much more of high school in Germany because we get lots of homework, have midterms and attendance is taken. At home, we only have one big final exam in each class, which counts as your whole grade for the class.

4.) Do you have a guilty pleasure?- Christmas songs! Christmas is my favorite time of the year, so that’s why I start it very early.

5.) What’s your favorite class so far?- My favorite class is “Introduction to Marketing”. It was hard for me to pick suitable classes, as I am studying “International Real Estate Management” in Germany and SSU does not offer real estate classes. But it’s interesting to learn something about marketing in general, because every one of us is affected by it.

6.) What’s your favorite thing you have learned while being here?- I got to know a lot of wonderful people from all over the world. We spend lots of time together with the international students and it is always so much fun.

7.) Who is your favorite celebrity?- I don’t really have a favorite celebrity, but my mom is my personal hero! I’m already excited for when she and my dad will come here in December. We are going to travel together for three weeks!



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