Student Spotlight: Lou Stijepovic

17220_10200783913316395_913374394751953518_n.jpgThis weeks student spotlight is Lou Stijepovic! Lou is originally from France!

1.)How would you describe yourself in 3 words? – Artistic, enthusiastic, and loving. I love people and I love loving people.

2.)What’s your favorite part about California ?- The sun and the friendliness here. People are always smiling. They don’t care about their looks so much, they seem very chill.

3.)What do you like to do for fun ?- I like to sing and dance on my own. Anything really having to do with music and playing the guitar. I also love to read and write. Whether it’s writing for myself or other people. I have a diary I carry with me when I travel. Dance show and theatre plays are great too!

4.)What’s the largest difference between France and California ?- I think the largest difference is that people don’t take time to relax or eat here. People don’t take time to just sit and chat with their loved ones. They are always rushing. Also, in France no one would ever go out with their pajamas on.

5.)What is your favorite class ?- The syrce symposium course. Every Tuesday we meet in the Green Music Center. We’re all Arts students and the professors do different lectures every week. Then we break into smaller groups and have discussions. Today, we learned about feminism in Egypt during the 1970’s. It’s not just focused on The United States which I like. We learn information from all over the world.

6.)What are your plans for the winter break ?- My parents are coming ! We are going to visit different parts of California. Such as : Joshua Tree, Monterey, Big Sur, The Grand Canyon, and Southern California. San Francisco too of course. Then my boyfriend will visit me afterwards and we will travel some more. I’m so excited !

7.)Do you have a guilty pleasure ?- I like girly TV shows and I eat a lot of chocolate.


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  1. Great article!

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