Student Spotlight: Saho Kat!

18157656_10155299610549853_3476803568747885185_n.jpgThis week’s student spotlight is Saho! Saho is visiting us all the way from Japan.

1.) What do you like most about Sonoma?- The nature on the campus, it’s so beautiful. I’m from the city, so much more green here. A lot of trails too. There is no where to hike in Japan.

2.)What have you accomplished while being here?- I met a lot of friends and my English has gotten a lot better. I hope to continue speaking English in Japan.

3.)Do you have a guilty pleasure?- Chocolate and french fries! I’ll eat any french fries, I ate so much french fries in the kitchens last semester when I had a meal plan.

4.)Who do you look up to?- My mom because she is the most independent woman I know. She is such a sweetheart and I hope to be like her.

5.) Why did you choose California?- The weather! My second choice was Wisconsin, but I didn’t want to go somewhere cold. I really liked the program they offered in California and the tuition was affordable.

6.)What’s your favorite food?- French fries! I could eat them all day, but I’m trying not to!


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