Ambassador Program Testimonials

Apply to be an Ambassador!

Now is the time of the year where students can apply to the CIE Ambassador Program! Applications are due July 1st. Check out some testimonials below of previous Ambassadors, and get an idea of what it’s like to be an Ambassador at SSU!

Spring 2017 Ambassadors

To apply, review the program description and complete the application at the link below. You will also need one recommendation; instructions are included in the application. APPLICATIONS for FALL 2017 ARE DUE JULY 1ST!
Program Description and application:

*Please note that the comments below were all provided anonymously in the end of the year Ambassador Program Evaluation. Photos included are not connected to individual quotes.

“I love being in a community that promotes global perspective and celebrates international relations. I feel that being a part of the Ambassador Program has better helped me to assimilate back into American culture and society.”

Fall 2015 Ambassadors

“Wonderful program linking study abroad alumni with international students, and creating a fun international spot on campus. Many students have said that our office is their favorite place to hang out on campus.”

Event – BBQ & Hike, 2017

“My greatest skill acquired would either be public speaking from doing Info Meetings and Classroom Presentations, or computer programming, from using FileMaker Pro Database, Excel, etc.”

Cooking & Movie Night, 2017

“Because I’m an international student, I’m so glad to share my experience to students, and make them interested in studying abroad! CIE Ambassador program is an amazing opportunity for me.”

Volunteering, 2017

“I was able to meet and understand people from all over the world. It helped me to see the bigger picture rather than just studying for getting a job for monetary purpose in the future.”

International Fashion Show, 2016

“I think that learning how to manage your time appropriately is a skill that we are all continuing to develop, this job has helped me to strengthen this skill.”

Tabling, 2016

“My communication skills have had the most improvement since I became an ambassador.”

“Learning how to email, make phone calls, and talk professionally. What I learned in the ambassador program was the stepping stones to what I practice in my job today, and I am so thankful for the opportunity!”

Cabin Trip, Spring 2016

“Studying abroad and the ambassador program were both huge parts in my college career. I am SO thankful for these opportunities and all that I have gained. The ambassador program is a great program to keep study abroad alumni (in my case) to stay involved in the community after returning, as well as learning and practicing for a future career.”

Pack the Den, 2015


Here are some non-anonymous testimonials!

“Being a part of the ambassador program has allowed me to get involved in the international community at Sonoma, meet new people, learn new cultures/share my culture and help those to experience the awesomeness of going on exchange and getting out of your comfort zone.” – Cody, NSE Student from Hawaii

Epic Center, 2017

“This program has enabled me to network and learn about more cultures than I could have as a regular student at Sonoma State. I’ve met the most wonderful people because of it!” – Diana, Study Abroad Alumna – Paris, France

Lagunitas, 2017

“The Center for International Education has enabled me to be part of a organization that welcomes diversity. Through the ambassador program I’ve grown as an individual and expanded my horizons to the vast cultures represented around the world. I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing people and share my experiences, while also learning theirs. Oh, I can’t forget about the amazing food I’ve been introduced too!” – Tyler, NSE Student from Iowa

Bowling, 2017

“Being part of the Ambassador program has made me feel exclusive in that I get to be a part of a close knit community of like minded people and get to have fun while learning so much about studying aboard and other ways of traveling that I can carry with me all my life. The Ambassador program has made me feel inclusive because we have a mission to our SSU Community so open doors for them to the outside world, and help them further grow as a person on their Study Aboard & NSE experience.” – Bonnie, NSE Student from Minnesota, SSU Study Abroad Alumna – Ghana

Chinese New Year in SF, 2015

“Being a student ambassador has been a great opportunity to stay connected with the international community at Sonoma State and to give back to the office that helped me study abroad in the first place.” – Michelle, Study Abroad Alumna, London, England

International Education Celebration, 2017

“Being apart of the Ambassador program at CIE has given me the opportunity to meet with other liked minded individuals who have also studied abroad and have experiences that let them see things differently. Being able to come together, discuss what we learned and be able to grow from each other experiences really highlights the strengths of this program so far. While also being apart of the NSE program and a past participant of studying abroad I am able to meet people who come into the office and really understand why it is they are choosing to study abroad or do NSE. The Marketing & Outreach group is then able to produce marketing materials like social media posts targeting their fears or further encourage new members to look into studying abroad or NSE. Being an ambassador has been a wonderful opportunity so far and I am very happy I am apart of it!” – Sara, NSE Student from Iowa

Cheese Appreciation, 2016

“Coming back from my study abroad year was a bit hard for me. When I learned about the Ambassador Program at the Center for International Education, I knew I had to apply. Being an Ambassador has given me a chance to work with others who had similar experiences as I did.” – Kathryn, Study Abroad Alumna – Sweden

Giants Game, 2015

“Being a part of the Center for International Education is a great and fun way to be a part of the community and give back. It is a great way to gain leadership and responsibility for the future.” – Kate, NSE Student from Montana



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