Newsletter Apr. 10th-17th, 2019

Coffee & Culture:

Come join us for fun people and good food! Every Thursday in International Hall 107 from 12- 1 pm. Join us for our Australia themed Coffee & Culture! This Coffee & Culture will serve as a mixer for students who are alumni of our various Australia programs, students who are departing to Australia, students studying at Sonoma from Australia, as well as students who have an interest in studying away in Australia. Our hope is that our alumni from Australia could bring a snack or a meal to share, but it is not a requirement! Check out the Facebook event here. CCC

Upcoming Deadlines:

NSE & NSE Study Away have rolling deadlines for programs with available space. Swing by IH 107 for more info!

NSE Spotlight:

Study Away at... (2).png

Check out the University of Guam, this week’s NSE Spotlight. You can study away here, as a Sonoma State student, with the National Student Exchange program We have limited spots available so swing by IH 107 to sign up!

IEEC Events:

On April 13th, this Saturday, IEEC will be heading to Spring Lake for a day of fun and games. IEEC will be providing transportation to and from Spring Lake,  but students will have to pay for their own snacks and rentals! Swing by IH 107 to sign up! Check out the Facebook event here

IEEC goes to Spring Lake.png


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