Newsletter Apr. 17th-24th, 2019

Coffee & Culture:

Come join us for fun people and good food! Every Thursday in International Hall 107 from 12- 1 pm. Join us for our Spanish themed Coffee & Culture! This Coffee & Culture will serve as a mixer for students who are alumni of our various Spain programs, students who are departing to Spain, students studying at Sonoma from Spain, as well as students who have an interest in studying away in Spain. Our hope is that our alumni from Spain could bring a snack or a meal to share, but it is not a requirement! Check out the Facebook event here.

CCC (1).png

Upcoming Deadlines:

NSE & NSE Study Away have rolling deadlines for programs with available space. Swing by IH 107 for more info!

NSE Spotlight:

Study Away at... (3).png

Check out Western Oregon University, this week’s NSE Spotlight. You can study away here, as a Sonoma State student, with the National Student Exchange program We have limited spots available so swing by IH 107 to sign up!


Friday, April 19 is our Maximizing Study Away Pre-Departure Orientation from 3-6PM in IH 104! A component of the orientation is our student panel! We’re currently looking for alums to volunteer on the panel. If you’re available, email Hope Ortiz at

Graduation Medallions:

Graduates! IEEC is selling medallions to ALL Study Away alumni. They’ll look amazing with your graduation gear and help support the IEEC club and scholarship. They are only $10 a piece! Swing by IH 107 and grab yours today!

Sign Up to be a Mentor!

A lot of SSU students have just or completed their applications or have been accepted to study away next year! We currently have a running contact list of program alumni that are willing to be Mentors to applicants to answer questions and provide advice. If you are interested in being added to the list so students interested in studying where you studied, let us know! Email Hoe[your preferred email address and if you want your Facebook URL to be included.

Volunteer to be an Ambassador in Our Office!

Have you been missing your study abroad experience? Did you get excited about all the ways you can get involved this month? Volunteer to be an Ambassador and work in our office for the rest of the semester helping the next generation of study abroad students! We have a few front desk hours we are looking to fill, so please contact me if you are interested!


Thanks for tuning into this week’s newsletter! We’ll see you next time!

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