Grading will be based on the host institution’s policies. If you would like to take a class as credit/no credit, you will need to check with your Host Campus Coordinator and the SSU department in which you plan on substituting the class for approval. You may count a maximum of 24 units of courses with credit/no credit grading towards your undergraduate degree. Students completing the Hutchins School interdisciplinary general education lower-division program may exceed this minimum by 24 units. Courses fulfilling major and minor requirements must be graded A-F, except for courses not available in the A-F mode.

All students will need to complete the SSU forms regarding Major/Minor Substitution and/or GE Substitution.

SSU Course Substitutions – Both the Major/Minor Substitution and GE Substitution Forms can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website under Forms & Petitions:
SSU GE Substitutions – Use the GE Substitution Form (a syllabus is required for each course substitution request). Syllabi will be difficult to get at this point so please start these conversations with the department faculty but do not be surprised if the faculty member is unwilling to sign it without a syllabus. Save every correspondence (emails) with faculty regarding these requested substitutions which will help you when you return.
SSU Major/ Minor Substitutions – Use the Major/Minor Substitution Form (syllabus is not required but faculty may request from you).

When does registration start at your host campus? Have you registered yet? Have you spoken to your SSU advisors about the classes you plan to take?

Some changes may be inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances. When you add a new course, which may affect your Major/Minor or General Education requirements, immediately contact the appropriate SSU Department Advisor to make sure the course you are taking is appropriate for your graduation goals. You are responsible for providing a current syllabus (from your host school) so that the Chairperson of your department or academic advisors at SSU will have a meaningful reference to use when approving course work from your host school.

All NSE students are required to take a minimum of 12 credits per semester (quarter campus students will need to take 18 credits). All IP students are required to take a minimum of 15 units per semester.

Incompletes assigned at the host institution must be dealt with at that institution. Incompletes turn into F’s after one year. Your grades will be recorded according to existing policies governing credit transfer to SSU. For example, a course taken for credit/no credit (CR/NC), or a pass/fail at the host institution will be similarly recorded at Sonoma. Grades A, B, C… or F will be accordingly recorded at SSU and ALL COURSEWORK will be calculated into your cumulative SSU GPA.

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