Financial Affairs

Be as frugal and thrifty as you can in the months leading up to your departure!

NSE – National Student Exchange
If you are on Plan A, make sure that both your host school and Sonoma State University are listed on your FAFSA application so when you return, SSU will begin processing your aid again.
If you are on Plan B, this does not apply. Go to
If you are on Plan A and receive a CAL Grant and are studying abroad or going out of state for the semester or year, put your grant on hold. Website: Phone: 1-888-CA-GRANT or 1-888-224-7268.
CSU IP – CSU International Programs
All financial aid applies to IP except for Work-Study. The Chancellor’s office will handle all of the necessary paperwork and your aid should continue as if you are still at Sonoma State.

Prior to your departure, make sure that you talk to your Financial Aid representative: Lisa Moore, (707) 664-2389, SSU Financial Aid Office,

Many U.S. Banks have ‘sister banks’ in other countries, so call your bank to find out more. SSU International Services recommends adding a loved one or parent onto your California bank account so that they can do banking on your behalf while you are gone. We also recommend raising your daily limit for ATM cash withdrawals so that you can minimize the charges you pay for out of network ATMs. Have a conversation about your banking questions with your bank representative before you leave. For NSE Study Abroad, in most cases, you will be required to open a bank account in your country of study which will happen during your on-site orientation.

Recommended exchange rates website:

NSE & NSE Study Abroad
Plan A: You pay the host school’s in-state tuition & host campus will process any financial aid.
Plan B: You continue to pay SSU’s tuition & SSU will process your financial aid, housing & meals are paid at the host institution.
NSE Study Abroad: All NSE Study Abroad students are considered ‘Plan A’, you will either pay the host campus tuition or affiliate program partner fees.

Please note that host NSE campuses do not award institutionally based scholarships, grants or fee remissions to incoming exchange students. It is crucial for you to meet with your financial aid adviser to determine use of such aid while on your exchange. Some forms of aid may be portable to your host NSE campus while others may not.

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