We require all students to have insurance while studying away. CSU Healthlink is available for NSE/NSE Study Abroad, or there may be plans available or required through your host institution.
CSU IP requires the CSU Healthlink and it is included in your program cost. If your program requires a certain insurance, you may want to speak to your family about removing you from their policy. That is ultimately a decision between you and your family. You can review the study abroad coverage at:

Remember that each country and even state has its own laws. Find out about the local laws and abide by them. If you are travelling abroad, know that a United States Passport does not excuse your actions, and sometimes can make the punishment even more severe.

It’s natural to have a period of adjustment when you leave home. Experiencing a new place and meeting different people can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Sometimes it can make you feel like returning to the people and situations you know best. The good news is that homesickness will most likely go away eventually. As you begin to get used to your new surroundings, you’ll grow more comfortable. You will also gain a sense of confidence and independence by knowing that you can learn to adjust.

  • Join clubs that you involved with at home, and new activities.
  • Keep in touch, talk about your feelings.
  • Accept new and different things.
  • Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you will not be in contact every day, or even every week.

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