Returning to SSU

At the end of March, sign into MySSU to acquire your enrollment appointment for registration. If you do not have an appointment, please email Hope at

Before you leave your host school, print out a list of courses you took while on exchange because they may shut down your access to your school log-in. If possible, bring back an official set of transcripts for both your own records and for SSU International Services. Giving us a copy immediately could speed up the course transfer process. After you have made sure that International Services received a copy of your host school’s transcript that we brought up to Admissions & Records, look for the classes from your exchange to show up on MySSU. At that time, you need to hand in the Substitution Forms referenced above to make sure that each class counts toward your graduation requirements.

Check MySSU to make sure that you do not have mistaken charges. If you do owe tuition or fees that should be covered by financial aid, please contact Hope at Please stop by the office upon your return and report to us about your experience away. Please note that the process of transferring grades back may be slow, so do not plan on graduating the semester of exchange. It is important that you stay on top of your course substitutions and talk with Admissions & Records about your progress.

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