Staying Connected

Google Voice is free for anyone with an ‘.edu’ email account:
Aside from the awesome voice-to-text voice mail transcription and a million other nifty things, signing up allows you to get a brand new phone number for free which can then dial any other numbers that you have (cell, home, abroad). Even better: it offers international calling for only .02 cents a minute, super cheap and super easy to do.
Tutorials here:

If you do not already have Skype on your computer or smartphone, we recommend you download it (or if you don’t have a computer, open a Skype account online) and show your families how to use it (they must also have a Skype account). This will save you and your families A LOT of money!

As soon as you secure where you will be residing, send us a postcard with your updated address on it. We will be hanging the postcards in the office, using them to show other students the possibilities of exchange. Change your information in MySSU to your new or your parent’s address and phone number so any official correspondence from SSU will reach you wherever you are. Also, remember to check your SSU email account periodically (every few days or so) so that you will stay up-to-date with changes here at home and are aware of upcoming registration dates. Post pictures of your adventures on the Facebook group so we can see how great of a time you are having!

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