Tips & Preparation

You may choose to do whatever you want in regards to your flight choice. We do recommend a round trip flight because it is usually cheaper. STA Travel offers student priced tickets and requires the ISIC card before purchase so if you need the ISIC card sooner, please stop by with your $25 payment. If you do purchase your flight through STA, we recommend ordering over the phone so you can ask questions about change fees. STA Travel also has the Flight Price Assurance (Financial Aid) Program where you can pay a $300 (non-refundable) deposit and pay the remainder of your flight cost a week before departure! Call 1-800-535-7172 for more details.

Visit and post on your applicant Facebook page OFTEN! Check out and share information, and connect with the other applicants! You can also keep up to date with upcoming events and activities! If you haven’t already, we also recommend creating a ‘Study Abroad’ folder in your in-box so you can keep all correspondence from our office, your host institution, your professors and your advisers. You will need this when challenging a grade or facing any issues after your return from the program.

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